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blackjack standard rules online game

Blackjack standard rules for players and dealer

This addictive card game is easy enough for players to understand. Blackjack standard rules are based on a simple condition, according to which a participant tries to form a combination that adds up to the number 21 or as close to it as possible, but does not exceed this value, in order to win at the casino, but sometimes the requirements here may not correspond to the generally accepted standard ( for example in the entertainment Blackjack Switch with the ability to exchange cards).

Unlike the well-known table game of Poker, where participants are fighting for the pot with each other, here the advantage of the gambling establishment is minimal and the main opponent of each player is the dealer, who is responsible for the correct process of the game and fair payment of bets. Users should also be aware that cards from 2 to 10 here correspond to their face value, Jack, Queen and King always equal ten points, and Aces, depending on their use, can bring both 11 and 1.

Blackjack standard rules and turn-based gameplay

In order to feel confident at the gambling table in a suitable casino, to become a true master of his craft and constantly to win against croupier, first of all, a person needs to take some time to carefully study the standard Blackjack card game rules and other secrets of this exciting entertainment. Here is a detailed walkthrough of the game:

  1. Having chosen a suitable gaming table, the player first of all exchanges his personal funds for gaming chips. To do this, he puts money on the felt, the amount of which must be checked by the pit manager, and the dealer will count down the amount of chips that are allowed to place bets.
  2. Next, a person must place his bet on a specially designated place. Before that, he needs to familiarize himself with the limits.
  3. The next step is to deal cards by the dealer to each player in a clockwise direction. First, one open card for the players and one face down for themselves, and then one by one more open card for all.
  4. Now all participants, starting from the far left, calculate the points they received. In the event that the user received 10 and Ace, then according to Blackjack standard rules he automatically wins and receives a payout of 3 to 2. In other cases, the player can decide to make a Stand, Hit by touching the table with his finger before excess 21, Double Down for extra card, Split for any Pair or Surrender.
  5. At the end, the dealer turns over his face-down card in order to compare all the combinations made and determine the winner.
blackjack standard rules

There are also several non-standard cases, such as an additional bet of Insurance / Even Money or others, Non-Insurable Dealer Blackjack and Dead hand, when all players have exceeded 21.

Blackjack rules for a player in the role dealer

If a person acts as a croupier in a casino, then he needs to be able to behave accordingly and confidently know the Blackjack dealer rules, which will certainly help in his favorable activities:

  • Interested people should know that the dealer cannot get insurance, use the possibility of splitting the combination, double the bet with the optimal hand, surrender, and necessarily face other restrictions;
  • After shuffling the deck, you need to make sure that the players have made the bets, there are charts with the basic strategy and start dealing one card clockwise;
  • If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, he needs to find out if the players want to get insurance. If this card is 10, he has the right to check the hole card for the presence of an Ace.

After all the actions of the participants in the game, the dealer turns over the face-down card and draws the required number of cards until the sum of the points is 17 or more. If the sum of his combination exceeds 21, he pays out the winnings to active players. In case of a tie, people should get their bids back.

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