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Casino games review and more

online roulette

Roulette casino play for the exceptional experience

The gameplay of roulette differs from any other one and can be recognized from the first sight. Its accurate rules and definite gaming properties have created a huge fan base all over the world. Gamers are fond of this entertainment in spite of its pure luck factor. Conversely, this factor somehow excites the game lovers even more and makes it tremendously fun to play. These gamers are incredibly aimed at conquering their fate with multiple tips and tricks created by generations of roulette players.

Since roulette is such an attractive sight, it can often go in a promo of some casino website and have a welcome reward in the form of free roulette chips.

Another terrific alternative to enjoy roulette is a casino roulette live version. This is a condition where a real professional takes part as a dealer in the game and the whole performance is broadcasted. It is an unforgettable atmosphere and experience when sitting at home, the gamer can have conversations with the dealer or other participants.

Basic elements in the game

There are two gaming properties – a table and a wheel that are located on the screen beside one another. The game begins with locating gamers’ bets on certain marks on the table and then moves to the wheel where the small ball is rotated.

roulette casino

The following elements are substantial to learn before risking money in the game:

  • the table has a special layout for locating bets;
  • the wheel is fractionated in colored sections; 36 fractions alternate in red and black colors and certain fractions can be green;
  • each fraction has an assigned number where green fractions are always a zero and a double zero;
  • such zero fractions condition the casino house edge from 1.35% up to over 7% in some editions;
  • gamers make guesses where the ball can land and locate their bets according to their predictions;
  • the rotation of the ball is occasional and is impossible to impact but the betting part can be subject to calculating and therefore, offers various tricks to the gamers.

The game has three major versions. European and French ones offer the good RTP of 97.30%, while American one goes only with the RTP of 94.74%. Some casinos provide only the first style as the most favorable and therefore popular one, but most casinos offer a wide choice.

Casino roulette tips and tricks

All existing roulette methods are based on defining the gamer’s betting since it is the only aspect that can be somehow changed and influenced. Quite famous and old methods in this game define the following:

  1. the Martingale method claims that a fortunate result will turn up in the long run and the gamer’s strategy should be doubling a bet every time when he suffers a loss;
  2. the reverse Martingale claims that a bet should be vice versa doubled in case of a fortunate roll;
  3. the D’Alembert claims that the bet should be located on even money and the gamer needs to reduce the bet on a coin in case of good luck and add a coin to the bet in case of bad luck;
  4. the Paroli claims that the bet needs to be doubled in case of a fortunate roll and replicate the sequence if there are 3 fortunate results in a row.

There also simple tricks for new gamers:

  1. firstly, they must always set a fixed budget and do not allow themselves to cross over it;
  2. secondly, they are advised to start with the European style for the best RTP and features;
  3. thirdly, they are recommended to try the roulette casino game free in order to learn details.

If the gamer is indeed intended to win in this thrilling game, roulette will pay off..

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